Tina Long

tina-longSince my laryngectomy in 1998, I have put in numerous hours speaking to schools, all age groups. I have participated in a “Health Day Seminar” for high school students each spring for 3 years. I have met with laryngectomy patients pre-op and post-op since 1999

For 9 years I have been involved with the Greater Atlanta Voice Masters, and I’m currently the Treasury. I’ve helped with planning the meetings and finding speakers. I was the Newsletter Editor for 3 years, and still write an article on occasion.

A Board member of the International Association for 4 years, I have worked on the Public Affairs Committee, Annual Meeting Committee, Medical Affaires Committee, and Nominating Committee. I now am the Chairman of Medical Affairs Committee, and Chairperson of the Prohaska Financial Assistance Committee.

I organized this years Christmas party for the Yul Brynner Foundation’s (Georgia Chapter.) The past 3 years I have helped organize the Yul Brynner Foundation’s Survivor Banquet.

I have excellent organizational skills and enjoy coming up with new ideas. I thrive on learning new things and enjoy meeting new people.

Every year since the Reno Convention I have tried to be a “Good Will Ambassador” by meeting and welcoming new comers and making a point to say hello to my friends I’ve met along the way

As a side note: I started taking cello lessons in 2002, and was accepted to play with the Athens Symphony Orchestra in 2003. I now play with the Athens Symphony Orchestra, The Toccoa Symphony Orchestra and with a cello choir.