Find a Laryngectomee Club

Our club pages are undergoing renovations.

To find a Laryngectomee club “click” on a State on the image map below or, “click” on a country’s name in the frame below the U.S. map. The listed clubs are IAL members or affiliates as of CY 2005. (If you wish to submit your club for inclusion in this listing or wish to update the information on your club’s CURRENT listing, please use the form below the map to pass the necessary information to us.

If you have recently formed a club and wish to apply for IAL membership and affiliation, please click HERE for a printable Club Membership Application.)

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Australia; Austria; Canada; China; Costa Rica; Denmark; England; Germany; India;
Japan; Nigeria; New Zealand; Pakistan; Panama; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Puerto Rico; Taiwan; Venezuela;

If you are a member of a local IAL-affiliated laryngectomee
club or support group, be sure to check out this Section to make certain
that your club’s information is correct and current. Also, local clubs can now
register for CY2005 IAL affiliation/membership by using our new online
APPLICATION FORM … simply print it out, fill it in, and send it in to us.

Is your local club interested in hosting an IAL Annual Meeting &
Voice Institute?